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About Our Camp

Camp Victory was founded by Peter and Mary Sanchez, who bring over 20 years of combined experience working with children both in and out of the educational field. Their passion and love for children of all ages inspired them to create a camp that offers the most amazing summer experience. At Camp Victory, campers are immersed in the great outdoors through a variety of fun activities, games, and sports, allowing them to appreciate nature in an adventurous and exciting way.


Mission & Vision

Camp Victory's mission is to create unforgettable summer experiences for every camper in a thrilling and secure environment. We aim to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are embraced as part of the Camp Victory family.

Camp Victory's vision is to inspire and positively impact not only our campers but also our broader community. We believe in the potential of our campers to uplift and support one another, fostering a ripple effect of encouragement and positivity.

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